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Non Spill Fragrance

NEW Tabletop Fan Diffuser

Non spill fragrance now available on a USB cable. Fits up to 2 pods, will you chose 1 or 2, or even mix and match our pods to create your own signature scent

Plug into any outlet for instant fragrance in all spaces, chose 1 pod or 2 and even mix and match pods to create your own fragrance

The Scentsy Air Purifier quietly cleans the air around you while also dispersing signature Scentsy fragrance. Using a HEPA H13 filter capable of removing at least 99.95% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns (µm) including dust, pollen, mould and bacteria, it captures these particles, leaving your environment clean and beautifully scented.

Perfect for the office, your car or anywhere there’s a USB port handy.

Our premium portable fragrance system lets you enjoy Scentsy wherever you roam.

Filled with no-spill fragrance beads, Scentsy Pods provide up to 120 hours of scent each when used with our fan diffuser systems.
Come as a twin pack

Add fragrance to a gym bag, car or freshen up drawers, wardrobes and more.

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